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Why we started Legacy Locker

As I wrote in my personal blog, Legacy Locker was borne out of personal needs.  In brief summary, the combination of two events led to the founding of the company: having my first child and my grandmother passing away.  My wife and I were advised to enlist a local estate planner to create our will, and that was my first exposure to even thinking about my own mortality, as well as the notion of assets and beneficiaries.  Later that same year when my father’s mother died, he and I tried tracking down her Hotmail login information, but were completely unable to do so.  Some spark of ingenuity later, and enter Legacy Locker.

Fundamentally our goal with the company is to make peoples’ lives better and easier.  We’ve been asked if someone could just use an index card, write down all their passwords, and leave it in a safety deposit box.  Sure, but it means hauling yourself to the bank everytime you want to make an update.  Not easy.  Over the coming months, we’ll continue introducing additional features to improve the existing features, add new ones, and generally make Legacy Locker as useful and helpful as possible.

The site launches tomorrow, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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