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Safeguard your Google Health records with Legacy Locker

Google launched  new features with their Google Health service today (you can read the details here).  Obviously there is much inefficiency in the field of online medical documentation and healthcare issues (privacy rights, etc), but it inevitable that the Internet will be a major intermediary for the future of healthcare. Your vital information will need to be very well protected and respected, but at the same time allow healthcare institutions and loved ones to easily and securely access this critical data.

Google Health’s new features are a great complement to an existing comprehensive estate plan and your Legacy Locker account.  The first step in any estate plan is to discuss your end of life documentation and make sure your primary care givers are aware of your wishes.  However, once engaged in the process of thinking about this difficult subject matter it’s important to look at all the issues your legacy may create.  That is why we feel that Google health is just one important aspect to consider when safeguarding your online self.

For those of you who do try out Google’s Health services, you should know that this account can be incorporated into your Legacy Locker thereby creating a beneficiary for this account in the event of disability.  Currently, Google Health does not provide the ability to share this information post mortem. While there are some sharing features and services built into the new Google Health feature, our analysis is that it might not be enough for the variety of types of needs of our customers. After all, the whole point of an estate plan is to protect all of your different assets with all sorts of different types of directives and needs.

Overall we’re very excited to see companies as big as Google beginning to take a look at the concept of digital services that extend deeply into personal lives. So to our customers, who have a lot of content secured in your Legacy Locker, take a look at Google Health. There’s a lot you can do with it, just don’t forget to make it part of your Locker while you’re at it!

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